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Universes of Micro Fiction

Get further drowned in the ongoing universes of the micro fictions

Universes of Micro Fiction: Quote

Rapping Post-rock

Trick of disappearance hid itself in every human brain. A peculiar mini event happened to everyone

which brought us to grab a bit of pre-event background:

People had been showing their love for post-rock, that was, before the trick took place. After a

few months, traits such as vocaless and electronic instruments secretly vanished. Ongoing post-

event investigations are still in play even till now, yet for some unknown reason, people have been

rapping pieces that were originally post-rock.

The inspector said in our interview: 'After weeks of investigation, one thing we learned is that

people love their self-produced affections rather than those of their partners'.

They hate post-rock being post rock, and want it changed. Reason? Because they love it so much.

Best source for us inspectors to look into  —  the philosophical essence on love, reason and their

re-redefinition. Poor post-rock, it has been objectified even as an object itself. And that's why I’m

so glad you asked.’

Universes of Micro Fiction: Quote

About Me   

                       Frank Loecrhenn

Franz Loecrhenn is a cyborg-bard constantly second-drafting his symptoms, the first draft of his dystopian novel included. He was once based in Glasgow, Scotland, where he was heavily influenced by the amazing art culture, drizzles, seagulls and beyond. He is now transitioning from a merchants-accompanying bard to a bard-merchant himself, selling, perhaps the cyborg’s own secret recipe, purple Irn Bru.

Universes of Micro Fiction: Quote
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