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Rapping Post-rock

Trick of disappearance hid itself in every human brain. A peculiar mini event happened to everyone

which brought us to grab a bit of pre-event background : 

People had been showing their love for post-rock, that was, before the trick took place. After a

few months, traits such as vocaless and electronic instruments secretly vanished. Ongoing post-

event investigations are still in play even till now, yet for some unknown reason, people have been

rapping pieces that were originally post-rock.

The inspector said in our interview : ‘‘After weeks of investigation, one thing we learned is that

people love their self-produced affections rather than their partners.

They hate post-rock being post rock, and want it changed. Reason? Because they love it so much.

Best source for us inspectors to look into  —  the philosophical essence on love, reason and their

re-redefinition. Poor post-rock, it has been objectised even as an object collection. That's why I’m

so glad you asked.’’


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